Custom backlit signs are an outstanding choice to help market your business or even feature a new product line. These are often used for movie posters, mall directory ads, or on bus stops ads. Our vivid and eye-catching backlit Duratrans prints are guaranteed to make a statement in any light box or storefront window. We provide one-stop services from graphic design to installation for discounted backlit Duratrans prints.
    • Highly visible at night
    • Vivid eye-catching presentation
    • Estimated lifespan is 3+ years

Backlit Signs

From $15/sq. ft.



Top Features of Backlit Signs
  • Highly visible at night
  • Visible during the day
  • Vivid eye-catching presentation
  • Built for light boxes
What are Backlit Displays?

Backlit displays come in the form of backlit posters, banners, or signs. They are meant to be used inside of light boxes to be illuminated at night for a special effect. Think about all the movie posters outside of a movie theater, or the illuminated ads at a bus stop – those are backlit signs. The lighting from the light boxes brings out the rich color and details of the backlit signage – and you can see this any time of day.

Our backlit signs are printed on Duratrans material, to quote the manufacturer:

“Kodak Professional Duratrans Display Material is a translucent-base color transparency material designed for producing large transparencies for backlit displays on illuminators without built-in diffusers.”

Duratrans is the brand name product from Kodak, but is often used to refer the material from any manufacturer. The current trade name used by Kodak is Enduratrans. Chromatrans is the trade name for background printed on Duratrans film by Pacific Studios.

Best Uses for Backlit Signs

Backlit signs with light boxes are highly versatile and have a variety of applications, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Movie theater posters
  • Bus stop ads
  • Mall directory signs
  • Mall directory advertisements
  • Hospital entrance signs
  • Large backlit signs for strip malls
  • Display large backlit pictures of food at fast-casual chains
  • Upcoming concerts at a concert venue
  • General informational backlit signage
  • Upcoming plays at the community theater

If you are looking for a similar sign but on a smaller scale and for the indoors check out our dimensional lettering signs.

Custom Backlit Printing Options

We offer full color backlit sign printing that allows you to choose any graphic or image with no limits. Choose creative images, colors, and graphics to make a stronger statement.

We offer gloss lamination on the backlit prints to give them the extra protection and shine. For extra special signage, the gloss lamination makes the sign look a bit more upscale.

Backlit posters and backdrops can be printed to very large sizes, if the above sizing doesn’t fit your needs, give us a call and we can provide larger sizing options.

Let us know if you have any other specific needs for custom backlit signage printing and we’ll make it happen.

Life Span

Estimated lifespan is 3+ years with proper care.

To increase the longevity of your backlit signs, wash the surface with mild soap and water as needed. This will also increase the clarity and brightness of your signs.

For another long-lasting display check out our dimensional lettering signs.

Local Delivery Areas Serviced

We ship nationwide, but can deliver locally to all of San Diego and Orange County.

Custom Backlit Signs Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom backlit signs

How customize-able are Custom Backlit Signs?

We offer full color backlit sign printing that allows you to choose any graphic or image with no limits. Choose creative images, colors, and graphics to make a stronger statement.


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