Gain the attention your business needs both day and night with our custom made lighted channel letters. All of our custom channel letter faces, returns and backs are formed using high quality rustproof aluminum, can be painted to match any color, and are lighted with the brightest LEDs in the industry.
    • Custom made to match your branding
    • Highly visible day and night
    • Rustproof aluminum and high quality LEDs
    • Ask how you can save up to 25% on bulk orders
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Options for Channel Letter Signs

There are many options to consider for your channel letter signs, including front lit, back lit (halo), front and back lit and of course non-lit. Lets first outline the different options available:

  1. Front lit – This is the most common type of lighted channel letter. The faces of the sign will be made of Lexan or molded plastic that filters the light.
  2. Halo (back) lit – These signs are beautiful and highly impactful. They provide for a very trendy and elegant look for your building. Unlike the front lit signs, the back lit signs have an aluminum face painted to match the returns, with acrylic lens in the back that is lit internally by LEDs. If you really want to go all out, we can include an RGB color changing option where your LEDs can light up all of the primary colors, including white, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple.
  3. Front and backlit – These too are very classy and elegant, combining the benefits of both the front and halo lighted signs. These signs are sure to grab the attention of your audience! These signs have an aluminum divider between the front LEDs and the back LEDs. This allows us to use the halo lit RGB option that we mentioned above.
  4. Open face – These signs are very unique, and most commonly we use exposed neon lights as the lighting inside needs to be as beautiful as the outside of the sign.

Another unique branding display to make your logo stand out is our concrete graphics.

Installation and Warranty for Channel Letters


Coastal Creative offers full service installation that includes an initial complimentary site check, design, permit drawings, permit procurement and a professional installation. We have both our C-45 sign contractors license as well as our B-General building contractors license, so all projects big or small are possible with our expert staff. Give us a call at 858-866-6560 today to get your project started!


All of our lighted signs are UL listed and are backed by a 5 year warranty on the sign cabinet finish and hardware.

Channel Letter Signs Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom channel letters

What are the font, color, and sizing options for channel letters?

Your custom channel letter sign can be created in almost any font, color or size that you choose. Be sure to check with us upon planning the design, and we have design consultants standing by ready to help you out.

There may be extreme cases that may be challenging, but we can cover 99% of requests for specific designs. Each letter is custom cut individually to match your needs, so there is lots of flexibility in the process.

Another branding display that is very versatile and customizable is our concrete graphics.

Do you use neon or LED illumination?
Although we are sometimes nostalgic for the throwback neon signs that remind us of the 1950s, the world has moved to LED lighting, and for good reason. Our high-quality LED lighting shines bright and long. They are super cost-effective and much more environmentally-friendly compared to past neon lighting technology. If there’s a certain glow or vibe you’re looking for, there are some tweaks we can make to the coloring and placement to get it just right for you!
What types of companies use channel letters?

Short answer – anyone with a storefront.

Long answer – the companies and retailers that use channel letters often want to be easily visible from the street and sidewalk. They want their brand easily recognizable and want to catch the attention of passersby. Your local grocery store, bank, indoor skydiving center (I want to go), financial advisor, surf shop, etc – they all use channel letters by and large. Before I got into the business I never knew the name for it, I just called it store signs. Now, I see channel letter signs everywhere!


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