If you've ever considered installing removable wall decals in your office, home, or business, look no further! Our wall decal printing process uses non-gloss wall vinyl and vibrant, fade-resistant UV inks. Your custom vinyl wall decal is guaranteed to look great for years to come, but still makes for easy removal at any time.
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant UV inks
  • Life span of 5+ years indoors, 1+ year outdoors
  • Easy removal at any time

Custom Vinyl Wall Decals

From $7/sq. ft.


Custom Wall Decal Printing in San Diego
  • Custom cut to fit any space
  • 6mm vinyl printed with fade resistant UV Inks
  • Life span of 5+ years indoors, 1+ year outdoors
  • Low adhesive back is easy to remove and leaves no residue

Need a vibrant and low-cost way to fill empty wall space? If a hand-painted wall mural is not part of your lease or budget, custom vinyl wall decals make for a striking and inexpensive solution. We custom print removable wall murals on high-quality 6mm vinyl material with fade resistant UV inks. Endlessly customizable, our wall decal printing process can meet all your specifications and needs.

Look for something to match that beautiful wall decal? Our custom floor decals pair well with wall graphics. Check out our custom wall murals to explore your wall graphics options.

Long-Term Projects

Our custom vinyl wall decals can be built to last even in outdoor conditions. For long-term projects or placements that anticipate higher wear and tear, the option of laminating your decal is available. Our wall decal printing and lamination process will help protect your custom graphics from scratches, UV rays, and other elements. Indoors, our custom vinyl wall decals enjoy a long lifespan, lasting more than 5 years with lamination. Outdoors, they can last over a year depending on conditions.

Check out our die-cut vinyl stickers which have a similar lifespan but more customizability.

Short-Term Projects

Removable wall murals are an inexpensive and versatile option for short-term usage. With a low adhesive backing, custom vinyl wall decals can be removed at any time without leaving any residue behind on the original surface. But short-term projects need not compromise on quality! Our wall decal printing process uses top-notch materials every step of the way, ensuring that the finished product meets your every expectation.

Looking for another inexpensive and versatile way to promote your brand? Our custom floor graphics offer a unique and visible way to promote your business, see those here. For a wall display with a classic look see canvas print options.

Custom Vinyl Wall Decal Sizing

Murals can be custom cut to fit most any space you need them to. Our printing capabilities cover a range from 6 inches to 240 inches, wide and high, which we have found to cover a majority of spaces. However, should you require a larger piece, we can accommodate larger dimensions by printing multiple panels that can be placed on your wall as one seamless image. These decals can wrap around corners or even extend onto the ceiling.

For similar sizing options check out our custom wall murals. If you’re looking for a display with more flexible sizing and design options check out our die-cut vinyl stickers.

Local Delivery & Installation

We deliver and install custom vinyl wall decals for all of San Diego and North Orange County. The experts at Coastal Creative Reprographics go above and beyond to ensure an incredible experience from design to installation. We measure your space to recommend design details, sizing options, and lifespan requirements. Our highly skilled team of professionals will both print and install your custom creation. The installation process varies depending on sizing and complexity of design, but the majority of our custom wall murals can be installed in just a few hours. No matter the scope of the project, we are committed to ensuring a flawless installation process.

For a product with similar installation and delivery options check out our custom wall murals. Our die-cut vinyl stickers include similar installation and delivery options.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we’ve completed your custom vinyl wall decals, we’ll happily ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will make sure your experience is amazing!

Vinyl Wall Decals Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom vinyl wall decals

What is the sizing limits of vinyl wall decals?

Our printing capabilities cover a range from 6 inches to 240 inches, wide and high, which we have found to cover a majority of spaces.

4 reviews for Custom Vinyl Wall Decals

  1. Dan Shaughnessy, Marriott

    Great job on all our wall vinyls, timeline, frosting of our offices and the installation. The creative team did a great job coming up with beautiful graphics that were on point with our overall vision. The attention to detail for all of the installs was terrific. Mark was not happy with image quality of one of our vinyls on the first installation so he recommended a different image of higher quality and re-did it free of charge. Thank you for everything!!

  2. David Murillo, Job Options

    I’ve been impressed with how well the auto graphics have been holding up. All the decals are still complete and looking sharp. We haven’t had to replace any of the letters yet and everyone has loved the way our vehicles look with Coastal Creative’s designs. They were very simple to install…after a couple YouTube videos lol The signs looked badass after we mounted them on the fence.

  3. Caleb Daggett, FEFA

    Stacey with Coastal Creative was super nice and helpful, and the entire process was quick and easy. Once I approved their rendering of the wall logo for my office, the installers were there within a few days to put it up, and they were in and out in 10 minutes! Logo looks great and I highly recommend these folks.

  4. Bonnie Chau – Reins USA

    I had a great experience with Coastal Creative. They were quick, very professional and easy to work with!I am very happy with the end product and will be using them again for future projects.

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