With an attractive wood veneer, gator board prints are ideal for indoor use and provide more strength and durability than simple foam core. Gator board signs are resistant to denting and bending, making them a more lasting option for travel and multiple uses. Our high quality and vivid color printing will ensure that your next order looks stunning.
    • Long term use
    • Portable signage
    • Fade resistant UV inks

Gator Board Signs

From $11.50/sq. ft.


What is Gator Board?

Gator board is a printing material with a foam core and an exterior veneer made of light weight wood. If you’ve only ever used foam boards in the past, you’ll be amazed at how attractive your next project will look with gator board signs. A glossy, vivid gator board covering over regular foam core board gives your print strength and permanence that is well worth the extra cost. Known for its excellent durability and attractive look, gator board blows regular foam core boards out of the water. If your next project requires long term display and mounting, or requires mobility and several uses, gator board prints are an excellent option.

Features of Gator Board Signs

Gatorboard prints look good, and we mean really good. High-quality inks are one thing, but when printed on a glossy gator surface, images turn out super vibrant and sleek. Invented especially for permanent signs and as backing for artwork, gator board prints have an aesthetic beauty far superior to other print surfaces. Furthermore, they are both lightweight and durable. This makes them an excellent option for portable signage that will see multiple uses.

  • Long term use
  • Portable signage
  • Fade resistant UV inks
  • Print any photo or graphic on gator board
  • Gator boards are easy to cut, and they come in different sizes for your custom use
  • Custom order to any size up to 48”X96”
  • Dense polystyrene foam core for internal durability
  •  Solid wood-fiber veneer for added strength
  • Resistant to scratches, dents, water, and bends
  • Paintable, direct digital print, and direct screen print surface

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Gator Board vs Other Sign Materials

Confused by similar sounding products, and don't know which to use? Have no fear! We've put together this handy table which shows common sign materials compared, with links to our other product pages you can check them out!

 Name   Cost   Weight   Durability   Exterior   Finish   Outdoor Use? 
 Gator Board   $$  Very Light  ***  Wood Veneer  Glossy  No
 Foam Board  $  Ultra Light  **  Paper  Matte  No
 Ultra Board  $$  Very Light  ***  Plastic  Glossy  No
 Sintra Board  $$  Light  *****  PVC  Low Gloss  Yes
 Coroplast  $  Ultra Light  ****  Plastic Sheeting  Low Gloss Yes
 Dibond   $$$  Light  *****  Aluminum Sheeting  Metallic  Yes
Best Uses for Gator Board Printing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Displays
  • Promotional Displays
  • Kiosk Displays
  • Conference and event displays
  • Job or craft fair displays
  • Trade show table displays
  • Yard signs and real estate signs

Gator board is an ideal choice of material for mounting exhibits and signs where rigidity, light weight, and warp resistance are a must.

Gator board printing is great for use where displays are transported from one location to another. To help set you apart from the competition, we use the highest quality UV inks guaranteed to grab your customer’s attention. Our gator board prints are a great tool for trade shows, presentations and special events.

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Foam Board vs Gator Board

Both gator board printing and foam board printing have a foam core interior. The difference lies in the exterior finish. Foam board exteriors are typically made of light weight cardboard, where gator board’s exterior is finished with a wood veneer. This makes gator board a tad heavier, though not by much. The wood veneer exterior provides an extra layer of protection against the elements that foam core doesn’t. The wood finish is water resistant, and holds up much better against typical wear and tear like scratches, dents, and bending.

Ultra Board vs Gator Board Signs

Ultra board and gator board prints look nearly identical, and their weight is more or less the same as well. But as before, the difference between these two materials lies in the exterior coating. Ultra board is finished with a light layer of plastic coating, where gator board is finished with wood. Ultra board tends to be slightly shinier than gator board prints, and therefore often has a bit more glare. Another difference is that ultra board will bend slightly when pressure is applied to both ends, where gator board will remain taut. For this reason, gator board prints are a better option when building a display or signage that requires a firm structural foundation.

Life Span of Gator Board Prints

Gator board is dent and moisture resistant and will last for several years if used indoors. Gator board signs have been known to last for years depending on their usage. Extreme weather may affect the quality but with proper care and usage, they may last long enough to serve you well. Using gator board mounting and keeping them indoors can increase their lifespan; it all depends on how heavy they are and how well you use them. Gator board is not recommended for outdoor use.

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Local Delivery and Installation

We are happy to deliver and install our custom gator board printing anywhere in San Diego and North Orange County.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we have completed your custom gator board prints, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!

Gator Board Signs Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom gator board signs

In what instances could I use Gator Board Signs?

Gator board printing is great for use where displays are transported from one location to another. To help set you apart from the competition, we use the highest quality UV inks guaranteed to grab your customer’s attention. Our gator board prints are a great tool for trade shows, presentations, and special events.

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  1. Embassy Suites La Jolla

    We have used Coastal Creative a couple of times for some signage and have been very pleased with the Products. The signs were made very quickly and hand delivered in person. We would definitely use them in the future.

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