What is Sintra Printing?

Sintra printing is the process of printing onto a Sintra board. Sintra is the branded name for a high-quality PVC board that has been the industry leading PVC board for more than two decades. Sintra boards are made of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a homogenous sheet and have a low-gloss matte finish.  Sintra board is made in the USA.
    • Lightweight yet rigid and durable
    • Easily cut and formed into any custom shape
    • Sintra boards can last more than 10 years
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Features of Sintra PVC Board
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Components of Sintra Board

  • Sintra is the trusted PVC brand leader which others are compared to
  • Sintra Bright White is the whitest PVC board on the market
  • Lightweight yet rigid and durable Sintra signs are perfect for a variety of uses
  • Easily cut and formed into any custom shape
  • Heat formable and chemical resistant
  • Superior dent and scratch resistant
  • Stronger and more permanent than foam core boards



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Best Uses for Custom Sintra Printing

Printing on Sintra foam board is ideal when you need a high quality PVC board for indoor and outdoor use. If you need a PVC sign for outdoor use, you’ll especially want to look to Sintra printing. Here are some popular uses:

  • Real estate signs
  • Yard signs
  • POP printing
  • Kiosk signs
  • Human-held outdoor signs
  • Indoor displays
  • Promotional Displays
  • Outdoor displays
  • Archival photo printing
  • General PVC sign board usage

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Sintra Board vs Other Sign Materials

Confused by similar sounding products, and don't know which to use? Have no fear! We've put together this handy table which shows common sign materials compared, with links to our other product pages you can check them out!

 Name   Cost   Weight   Durability   Exterior   Finish   Outdoor Use? 
 Gator Board   $$  Very Light  ***  Wood Veneer  Glossy  No
 Foam Board  $  Ultra Light  **  Paper  Matte  No
 Ultra Board  $$  Very Light  ***  Plastic  Glossy  No
 Sintra Board  $$  Light  *****  PVC  Low Gloss  Yes
 Coroplast  $  Ultra Light  ****  Plastic Sheeting  Low Gloss Yes
 Dibond   $$$  Light  *****  Aluminum Sheeting  Metallic  Yes
Sintra Printing vs Foam Board Printing

When should you print on Sintra board and when should you print on foam board? That’s an excellent question that many businesses struggle with. Foam board is lightweight with foam in the middle. Sintra board, on the other hand, is high quality PVC in the middle, while also a lightweight option. If you only want a temporary and more cost-effective solution for indoors, go with foam board signs. If you want something that will last longer and also be weather-resistant, use Sintra board.

Sintra Board Printing Options

  • Double-sided printing
  • Custom cut Sintra boards
  • Die cut/punch
  • Lamination
  • High gloss finish 

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Lifespan of Sintra Board

Sintra boards are made of high-quality PVC have an expected lifespan of a few years, depending on quality and care. If the boards are used under extreme conditions, wear and tear will be accelerated. If used more sparingly and indoors, the boards can last more than 10 years. Another permanent quality display is our acrylic photo prints.

If you are worried about the durability and longevity of sintra board PVC signs outdoors checkout our dibond signs. For long-lasting and unique window signage check out our etched glass window film.

Sintra Boards Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom Sintra Boards

When should I use a Sintra Board?

Printing on Sintra foam board is ideal when you need a high-quality PVC board for indoor and outdoor use. If you need a PVC sign for outdoor use, you’ll especially want to look to Sintra printing.

If your looking for a sign with a longer lifespan and more durability check out our aluminum signs.

3 reviews for Sintra Board PVC Signs

  1. Nancy

    Mark and Todd were very helpful, friendly and prompt with all of the questions we had for building our board. The board looks great and we are happy with the product.

  2. Betty Key, PaveWest

    PaveWest contracted with Coastal Creative to provide a sign and about 60 prints for the walls in our new office.  Working with the crew there we were able design a sign for our lobby much nicer than we had originally designed ourselves.  We are very happy with the prints.  They were able to take pictures I didn’t think we would be able to enlarge, blow them up and maintain the quality.  A couple are 6’ by 4’.  Everyone I worked with at Coastal Creative was responsive to us, and their prices were the best I could find.  Thanks, guys!  We appreciate all your help

  3. Aira Minami, Prop Store

    We are a prop auction house that manage several projects with multiple partners, which means LOTS of printed materials that come flying my way last minute. Stacey has been absolutely amazing with all of the projects we’ve had, very reliable, and has become my go-to for any promotional or printed material we may need. Thank you for taking a huge weight off our shoulders, and delivering every project beyond my expectations!” – Airi M. Prop Store

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