Just like our other vinyl sticker products, static cling can be custom printed and cut to any size or shape. The benefit to static cling is its ability to be applied and removed over and over again without the mess of a standard vinyl sticker.
    • Easily peeled right off
    • Long term use
    • Fade resistant UV inks

Static Cling Stickers

From $9/sq. ft.



What Are Static Cling Stickers?

Static window clings are pretty simple as far as car accessories go. Thin images made from a variety of different materials, these stickers cling to the window using static electricity. There’s no adhesive, and they can be easily peeled right off again of the owner wishes.

Static window clings have been a popular automotive accessory for decades now. Thanks to advances in technology though it’s now possible for you to choose from a bigger selection of options than ever before. It’s even possible to get custom static window clings at reasonable, affordable prices.

Features of Static Cling Stickers

These stickers, whether they’re static cling window signs or some other form of static window decals, are very basic. The sticker is made of a coated material like PVC or another kind of plastic (though more eco friendly options are available), and static cling signs form a bond with a window when pressed against it. These stickers can be large or small, and feature a any variety of images, shapes, or even warning signs.


  • Long term use
  • Fade resistant UV inks
  • Custom order to any size or shape
  • They are easily installed and removed without the mess of adhesive residue left behind.
  • If you don’t have your own artwork, rest assured that our team of graphic designers is here to help!
Static Cling Stickers Printing Options

There are a huge variety of options when it comes to printing static cling stickers for cars. There’s the shape of the sticker itself, the background, whether the stickers are static cling signs or another form of static window decals. There’s the size, and whether the sticker is made using a custom design provided by the client, or if the sticker comes from the printer’s stock designs.


  • Custom static cling sticker colors
  • Width and height of clings
  • Contour cutting or standard cutting
  • Rush printing and delivery

Every one of our custom static cling decals are printed and cut here in our San Diego, CA shop.

Lifespan and Care of Static Cling Stickers

Taking care of static cling stickers for cars is easier than some might think. Whether someone has custom static window clings or just standard static cling window signs the maintenance is the same. Wash the clings with gentle soap and let them dry. Don’t leave them out in the sun for long periods of time or they’ll fade. Generally the life span should be several years, but that span can be extended for those who care for their clings. They last 1-3 years indoors without fading, up to 1 year outdoors.

Local Delivery Areas Serviced

All of San Diego and South Orange County!

Static Cling Stickers Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom static cling stickers

How long do Static Cling Stickers last?

Generally, the life span should be several years, but that span can be extended for those who care for their clings. They last 1-3 years indoors without fading, up to 1 year outdoors.


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